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Cg-719k instructions Form: What You Should Know

PDF — DCO.USCG.mil APPLICATION FOR MEDICAL CERTIFICATE, FOR MARITIME CRUISERS AND SHIPBOARD, FORM CG-719K/F This form is for applicants planning to apply for Merchant Mariner credential. It has sections I — VII.  NOTE: This form is for applicants who are already at a CG-719 grade or above.  If you are at a grade of CG-719 or lower, refer to one of the following forms:  CG719KF01_Instruction_Guide.pdf — USCG Home port CG-719KF01_Forms_for_Overseas Personnel.pdf — USCG Home port Items 1 – 17 — Applicants planning to apply for this form will need to provide the following. 1. Medical history, including any history of physical limitations, illness, medications, etc., including a copy of any medical certificates received from a government agency. 2. Medical certification or documentation from your current employer. 3. A short paragraph stating why you are applying for a Merchant Mariner credential. 4. Application for a passport and a copy of the application. 5. Applicants can submit original documents as well as photocopies. 6. Applicants can submit originals only. Acceptable original documents are: a. a copy of the United States Government issued Driver's License (valid for minimum of 6 months from date issued). b. a copy of the U.S. Government issued passport issued within the past 12 months or c. a copy of any U.S. Government photo I.D. card, with or without photo page, issued within the past 12 months. Appendix A–C provides the medical examiners required documentation. In addition, the USCG Home office accepts a letter from local medical doctors attesting to the applicant's physical and mental health and fitness to be a merchant mariner. Applicants who would prefer to have medical certificates from medical doctors not from the Home office will need to file a separate letter attesting to the applicant's medical condition before their entry. CG‑719K_Task17__Ship Designation Form (CG-719K/B) The Ship Designation form consists of the questions required to be answered, an explanation of the answers and answers to the additional questions.

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Instructions and Help about Cg-719k instructions

Welcome to Explorers Gaia Maritime Academy. We are going to go through and do a number of short webinars here on applications. We have already done one on how to fill out your application. Today, we want to talk about how to get your TWIC card (Transportation Worker Identification Credentials). Everybody who is going to get maritime credentials initially has to pick up their TWIC card. In the past, we used to provide fingerprint cards, which were sent to the FBI for background checks. This process took a considerable amount of time. However, now we go through the Transportation Worker ID system, which was set up by Homeland Security. It is designed for those who need to access secured areas in maritime facilities. TWIC conducts a security threat assessment background check to determine eligibility and issue the credentials. If you work in secured zones, you need the TWIC card to enter certain boats, such as tugboats. Boats with over 150 passengers are required to have a security system in place, which often requires the crew to show their TWIC cards upon entry into facilities. For most of us, the TWIC card is mainly needed to obtain our credentials. To be eligible for the TWIC card, you must be a US citizen or a non-US citizen with certain immigration statuses. You can find a comprehensive list of these statuses on the TWIC website. Most merchant mariner credentials can only be obtained by US citizens. Regarding card usage, your employer will inform you when and where you need to use it after you initially obtain it for your application. The TWIC card is valid for five years and costs $125.25.