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This is the Mariners learning system providing knowledge and know-how anytime anywhere and answering your questions about the top five medical conditions that can cause your captain's license to be delayed or denied for a vessel to be operated safely it's essential that the crew members be physically fit and free of debilitating illness and injury the seafaring life is arduous often hazardous and the availability of medical assistance or treatment is generally minimal the following medical guidelines are just that guidelines they're not intended to be absolute or all-encompassing some individuals may have other medical conditions or physical limitations that would render them incompetent to perform their duties aboard a vessel others may be quite capable of working at sea without posing a risk to themselves their ship or shipmates even though one of the listed conditions exists as the trend towards smaller cruise continues the ability of each crew member to perform his or her routine duties and respond to emergencies becomes even more critical here are the top five medical conditions that can delay your captain's license application or cause the application to be denied their cardiac disease diabetes psychiatric disorders sleep apnea and chronic use of narcotics it's extremely important that you prmedical documentation from your doctor if you have one or more of these medical conditions any cause for rejection is disqualifying only while the conditions persist or is likely to cause disqualifying complications.