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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing uscg blood pressure limits

Instructions and Help about uscg blood pressure limits

This is the Mariners learning system providing knowledge and know-how anytime anywhere and answering your questions about the top five medical conditions that can cause your captain's license to be delayed or denied for a vessel to be operated safely it's essential that the crew members be physically fit and free of debilitating illness and injury the seafaring life is arduous often hazardous and the availability of medical assistance or treatment is generally minimal the following medical guidelines are just that guidelines they're not intended to be absolute or all-encompassing some individuals may have other medical conditions or physical limitations that would render them incompetent to perform their duties aboard a vessel others may be quite capable of working at sea without posing a risk to themselves their ship or shipmates even though one of the listed conditions exists as the trend towards smaller cruise continues the ability of each crew member to perform his or her routine duties and respond to emergencies becomes even more critical here are the top five medical conditions that can delay your captain's license application or cause the application to be denied their cardiac disease diabetes psychiatric disorders sleep apnea and chronic use of narcotics it's extremely important that you prmedical documentation from your doctor if you have one or more of these medical conditions any cause for rejection is disqualifying only while the conditions persist or is likely to cause disqualifying complications.


How can I bring my blood pressure back to normal quickly?
Drink beet juiceBeet is a vegetable rich in nitrate, a natural chemical substance known for its hypotensive effects. A large glass of 50 cl of beet juice can go as far as lowering the tension by 5 points, thanks to its action on blood vessels. An opportunity to test our beet and prune gazpacho recipe.Expose yourself to the sunDo not hesitate to take advantage of the sun's rays as soon as they appear (thinking of protecting your skin of course) because under the effect of the sun's rays, small amounts of nitric oxide are transferred from the skin cells to the bloodstream, lowering blood pressure. In addition, exposure to the sun makes it possible to synthesize vitamin D, an essential vitamin for the regulation of our blood pressure.Limit meatIt is a piece of advice that comes straight from Japan, where doctors have found that vegetarians have lower blood pressure than people who eat meat. More precisely, the vegetarian diet was associated with an average drop in blood pressure of 4.7 to 6.9 points. The equivalent of the drop recorded when an overweight hypertensive person manages to lose 5 kg.This is because plants contain little sodium (the main enemy of hypertension) but are rich in potassium, which helps to lower blood pressure.Have a very hearty breakfastChanges in lifestyle and behavior (smoking, stress at work, physical inactivity, overweight) have contributed to the earlier and earlier onset of high blood pressure.Remember to include yoghurt in your menu because the calcium it contains has the ability to soften blood vessels and allows them to dilate slightly, keeping blood pressure low.Walk regularly during the day60 minutes of walking every day are enough to get results.Remember to include yoghurt in your menu because the calcium it contains has the ability to soften blood vessels and allows them to dilate slightly, keeping blood pressure low.
How do atmospheric pressure and blood pressure cancel each other out?
I answered a very similiar question to this a miniute ago, and this is an expansion on Mark’s comment about blood pressure:For something to stay in its shape, it seem obvious that is must have equal outside and inside pressure.The atmospheric pressure is around 760 mm of HG, and the pressure of blood is around 120/80 mm of HG.But the measurement device of blood pressure is also open to the atmosphere so the pressure is actually 760+120 which is 880 mm of HG.Still the blood pressure is higher inside the body than outside.Although if you think of fizzy drinks or hosepipes, the pressure on the inside is far greater than that of the outside.So the pressuure of the human body is slightly greater than the pressure of the atmosphere but not enough to have any major impact.This is one of my first posts, and I am only 14 so please be kind.
How were you able to get off your blood pressure medication?
I only know the medical side. Maybe there are other methods.The basis of hypertension is something to do with your circulatory system. All organs can “demand” more blood. If this demand is not met, the organ sendes out a substance that increases the blood pressure.Much hypertension can be found in people that have a large work load. Hypertension is also present if you don’t get enough sleep. So there are several things to do.But I would warn against just stopping medication because high blood pressure is dangerous and can cause vessels bursting (in the brain) a bad thing.
How low can your blood pressure go before you pass out?
It sometimes depends first on what your usual blood pressure has been through your life. My blood pressure is low and has gone down to 90/50. I don’t pass out but if my BP was normally 140/80 and suddenly dropped to 90/50 I might.If a person is dehydrated, has not eaten anything for several hours, is out in the hot sun without a hat, has heart disease history or any combination of a couple of these factors the risk for fainting is higher.When a person actually passes out, their blood pressure has become extremely low….they aren’t getting enough oxygen to their brain because of low or no BP and they go down. Once they are flat, the blood goes to their head and brain and they usually wake right up. Given water and some food, or a piece of hard candy or orange juice their blood pressure returns, low at first then back to normal.There are many other reasons for blood pressure to drop drastically but passing out is caused by a low enough blood pressure that causes poor venous return and therefore not enough oxygenated blood for your heart to circulate to your brain.
How long do blood pressure pills take to work?
That answer depends on the nature of your BP problems, the dosage, the various medicines and your implementation of corrective measures to reduce or normalize your BP. Purchase a home BP cuff ($35), measure BOTH arms, various times throughout the day and chart the changes. Then with certainty, you can report your BP figures to your internist, cardiologist, GP or EP doctor. If needed your meds can be adjusted.
How is hunger related to blood pressure?
Can hunger shed light on blood pressure?The hypotensive response during the first days of extensive caloric reduction is not due to a decreased sympathetic activity. If anything, there may be weak increase of efferent sympathetic nerve activity and venous plasma levels of circulating noradrenaline.The mechanisms behind the acute hypotensive response to negative caloric balance are thus still unclear, but obviously different from long-term adaptation of the blood pressure.There is a common thread between blood pressure, energy and athletic performance, the ACE gene. Learn more how to lead a healthier life
How can you prevent passing out due to massive drop in blood sugar and blood pressure when giving plasma?
Unlikely , but I suppose it could happen. But not for the reasons you give. When you donate blood or plasma, it’s withdrawn from your body slowly so adverse effects of blood loss, like fainting, don’t occur.
What care should be taken meal wise if you have high blood pressure?
See Don't smoke Association Between Smoking and Blood Pressure Lower you salt intake, preferably to less than 3 or even 6 grams/day, which you can achieve by not eating out as a habit, not adding any salt when cooking, using herbs instead, and avoiding salted meats like bacon etc.  The bread, the butter etc. does contain a little bit of salt. See Modest salt reduction lowers blood pressure in all ethnic groups at all levels of blood pressure without adverse consequences - PubMed Health - National Library of Medicine - PubMed Health A DASH diet see High Blood Pressure and the DASH Diet Lose weight if overweight Can losing weight lower high blood pressure? - PubMed Health - National Library of Medicine - PubMed Health Limit your alcohol intake to 1 (female) or 2 (male) units per day max Avoid licorice Can eating too much black liquorice be bad for you? This is a list of possible beneficial effects of life style changes on blood pressure:from CKD MNT Module 2: Slow Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease
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