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Uscg blood pressure limits Form: What You Should Know

TheĀ  Commissioner may reduce the period in which the Certificate should be shown by one additional year for theĀ  reasoningĀ patient, if the Commissioner determines the patient will be suffering from blood pressure problemsĀ  for the remaining period of the Certificate period. Medical Certificate Requirements All applicants must present the Medical Certificate with current date and number and a photograph and (if qualified) the DD 214 as well.Ā  Is blood pressure tested? The Coast Guard requires this test to determine that all medical conditions exist and that you are physically able to meet your MedicalĀ  Requirements. When are medical tests given? Ā  We do not do blood pressure measurements at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego, California. Those tests are only given to applicants who meet the requirements to obtain a pilot's license and are approved for their initial ratings.Ā  Medical requirements Medical certification of at least one blood pressure measurement must be completed by a licensed medical officer. TheĀ  medical officer will examine you to determine what your standard of care is. He or she will conduct this examination at his or herĀ  home, during regular business hours without interruption provided that you are not under arrest. You will not be medically treated if you are suspected to be taking medication which is contraindicated for the medical screening examination. If you do not pass the screening examination, your next available appointment is at an alternate location or within 24 hours of theĀ  scheduled exam.Ā  All applicants who have a medical certificate showing blood pressure under 150/90 (not 140/90), may not take your exam until they are medically cleared through theirĀ  medical examiner.Ā  What about blood pressure at a hospital. A blood pressure is only one factor to determine if you qualify for a pilot's license.Ā  Blood pressure of 140 over 90 is below the minimum requirements for pilots. Do not assume that being out of breath willĀ  significantly affect your qualification. Your medical examiner will determine if your blood pressure is in ā€œnormalā€ range.Ā  The Coast Guard has developed some blood pressure check charts. The most up to dateĀ  has been developed and provided by the American Heart Association, which you can access by clickingĀ here for more information.

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This is the Mariners learning system, providing knowledge and know-how anytime, anywhere. It aims to answer your questions about the top five medical conditions that can cause your captain's license to be delayed or denied. For a vessel to be operated safely, it is essential that the crew members be physically fit and free of debilitating illness and injury. The seafaring life is arduous and often hazardous, with limited availability of medical assistance or treatment. The following medical guidelines are intended as just that, guidelines. They are not absolute or all-encompassing. Some individuals may have other medical conditions or physical limitations that would render them incompetent for their duties aboard a vessel. On the other hand, some may be quite capable of working at sea without posing a risk to themselves, their ship, or shipmates. Therefore, even if one of the listed conditions exists, it does not necessarily mean automatic disqualification. As the trend towards smaller cruises continues, the ability of each crew member to their routine duties and respond to emergencies becomes even more critical. Here are the top five medical conditions that can delay your captain's license application or cause the application to be denied: cardiac disease, diabetes, psychiatric disorders, sleep apnea, and chronic use of narcotics. If you have one or more of these medical conditions, it is extremely important to provide medical documentation from your doctor. Any cause for rejection is disqualifying, but only while the conditions persist or are likely to cause disqualifying complications.