How does an A Level student fill out the common app?
What part of it is giving you trouble?
How can I deal geometry, profit and loss advance maths topics (any fast tricks for geometry) and rules you wrote for common errors in your website are also applicable for the topics fill in the blanks, sentence improvement for CGL Tier-1?
First of all talking about the common errors part there are more errors with which you'll be tested in a competitive exam than you found on my answer.So I would suggest you to take a book(there are plenty available) of common errors in English and practice exercises. Also as I said if you interact with English finding errors won't be too tough.Coming to maths, all the competitive exam maths apart from JEE's mostly come from 9–11 level and some from 12. So revise those chapters once to recapitulate the concepts and then as always practice competitive exam based questions. It's harsh but true that solving exercises is the only to score better and knowing concepts is not just enough.All the best for your exam.Thanks for the A2A.
Should I use the Common app or just fill out actual applications to colleges?
Each college provides instructions on how to apply. Generally you would use the common app if the college accepts it and you are applying to more than one college. This is what most students do. Each college may have specific questions that you answer through the common app only for them. Be sure you have changed the names of any other college and read carefully to align details to the new college in a cut and pasted response before you hit “send.”