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Uscg sea time requirements Form: What You Should Know

Ocean, such as at sea and in other navigational devices. A minimum of 3 days of sea service each year is expected. A U.S. Naval Certificate of Service that demonstrates that the captain served more than 30 days (90 days in 3-year period) onboard a U.S.  Navy or Marine Corps ship should be submitted to obtain the Sea Time Certification. Note: For the  First, Second, or Third Time (and at least 4 days each after the first and last) of serving, the captain must be serving a minimum of 90 days of sea time aboard a U.S. Navy or Marine Corps ship, regardless of  the amount of duty time. The United States Navy and Marine Corps has adopted a  policy of not requiring that the U.S. Secretary of Defense receive the captain's authorization of this exemption. All the above-noted is specific to the CG-719, SMALL VESSEL SEA SERVICE FORM only, you need to complete an  CG-7201, AND obtain certificates from the Coast Guard as described later. COMMENTS: All other Navy and Marine Corps vessel pilots need to complete a more extensive USCG-issued  Sea-Time Form. The CG-7194, (Sea-Time) has a minimum of 5 days of sea-time prior to  being issued the U.S. Naval Certificate.   U.S. Naval Sea Time Authorization (UA) for USCG Pilot's Licenses/Identification  Cards (Internet Only) All CG-7194 Pilot's Licenses, and identification cards issued prior to March 1, 2013,  can still be used as a Sea Time Authorization.  This is the CG-7194: For a UA, all previous U.S. Naval Service certificates must be present, unless the USCG issued the UA certificate with a date(s) after the date of the original certificate. In such  case, present an original U.S. Naval Service certificate or U.S. Naval Certificate of  Service with a date(s), not to exceed 180 days after the original certificate,  which shows the date the USCG issued the UA.   U.S. Navy Certificate of Service U.S.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Uscg sea time requirements

Instructions and Help about Uscg sea time requirements

This video is about time on the water time on the water for your captain's license so just like I mentioned in previous videos the way the first qualification to get your captain's license is to get time on the water and for an inland license we need 360 days total one day on the water is considered four hours underway and under way is not a tanker not made faster the short and not a ground so to get an inland license you need 360 days total 90 of those days in the past 3 years 90 days in the past three years and that is for an inland license to get a near coastal license near coastal license the time requirements are a little different there's 720 days total days total and 360 of those days outside of the demarcation line out a demarcation d mark ashen and what is the demarcation line you'll find it on your chart it will be a dashed magenta line about this color not exactly and above it it will say Col reg demarcation that looks like pee mark Asian demarcation let's say cold rag demarcation line it would look like this you'll find it on the charts that you use and so these 360 days must be outside of that Dean occasion line and that qualifies you for a near coastal license there's some add-ons you can get to your certificate namely you can get a Great Lakes endorsement so instead of just having an inland license your license will read Great Lakes and inland and you can get a sailing endorsement you can get a towing endorsement and your your license there there's several different kinds there's the O you PvE there's a masters and the Masters is either twenty...